Dana Darnell -

        I love this gym and the King family-you guys are awesome! Thank you for all of your encouragement, help and support!  

    Curt Dennis Jr. -

        IReally one of the best damn gyms in the area! Period!  

    Dustin Wrapmykneesplease Reed -

        Can't really beat this place. Very hardcore environment. Every damn bar in the place is a Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, or Texas Squat Bar. Have Oly Bars as well both 10 and 20kg bar along with Eliko and other bumper plates. They have 2 half racks for Squatting both equipped for band tension. 2 Deadlift and Oly Lifting Platforms. 2 comp style Bench Presses, Incline and Decline Benches along with a few machines. Have a turfed area equipped with Sandbags, Kegs, Farmers, 10" Strongman Log, Sledge Hammers, Multiple "light" Tractor Tires and Sleds. If that doesn't drive home what this place is about then take a look at their Cardio Section.... Its a treadmill.... Just one.... Perfect. If your not in the Cleveland area it cab be a bit of drive compared to other gyms but even if you can only make it up once or twice a week to kill Squats, Bench, and Deadlifts you can easily do all the other back and bicep type stuff at closer facilities and it still makes the environment there worth the trip.  

    Becca Cole Sizemore -

        Hardcore gym with AMAZING people  

    Justin Jones -

        Just want to give the ladies at Grit House a thank you for letting me train this past Wednesday. As soon as you guys have kid care set up, we will be more than happy to switch over from the Rush. Good music, great equipment, and great people. Thanks again.  

    Isaac Oakes -

        It's all Good!  

    Justin Shoemaker -


    Thomas Richmond -

        I found muscles I never knew existed! Thanks to some the best people I have ever been around, I'm on my way.  

    Ward Jones -

        My wife and I are dedicated to lifestyle of staying fit while being apart of a great community of people who are just as dedicated. We found that at Grit House, this gym and the people will help you reach your health and nutritional goals, and so much more.  

    Gene Cooper -

        Great gym! Old school lift heavy and be a Boss atmosphere... Brought my motivation back.  

    Alex Wayne Poole -


    Josh Parrish -


    Davon King -


    John Phoénix Trujillo -


    Wendy Speegle -

        I love the Grit House. Awesome work outs!!!  

    Steven Cooke -

        By far the best gym anywhere close to here for those serious about anything to do with weights! Staff is helpful and supportive and the equipment is second to none! I'm in love with this place!  

    Chad Coffman -

        Awesome gym, started coming a week ago and everyone makes you feel like family, they have a support system like no other! Love calling this gym home  

    Eric Z Witt -

        Hands Down the most impressive gym around! Super friendly and knowledgable staff and amazing atmosphere!  

    Justin Jones -

        suffer now....to live the rest of your life as a champion! - Muhammad Ali  

    Davina Pontón -

        At the Grit House no one gets left behind. There is no jealousy or envy of each other. Everyone pushes each other to be the strongest badest they can be. I ♥ this gym and the people in it.  

    Dusty Schalk -

        I love it! Just a bunch of people trying to better themselves physically, no judgement of any sort, but at the same time its n encouragingly intense atmosphere, kinda makes ya feel obligated to walk around like ya have the biggest.....................muscles .........haha, but seriously best gym in clevegas, 5 stars  

    Eddy Dyer -

        The most I've been challenged since boot camp. Soon to be a common name like World's Gym and Golds gym. Cleveland's home of the monster workout and rage.  

    Chris Boone -

        Amazing environment! !!  

    Tyrone Johnson -

        No fluff, people who are here are serious about getting it in,I Love it here!!  

    Brandon Mendenhall -

        Best combination of old-school feel with modern equipment. Best gym in Chattanooga area, BAR-NONE  

    Justin Bethune -

        Best gym around! I drive 45 minutes each way, that's how good it is!  

    Randy Miller -

        Great week of training, looking forward to Monday at 6AM !!! thanks, Nathan  

    Wes Collins -

        I think is one of the best gyms I have been to in a long time and the experience in just the short time we have been there has been awesome and motivating and so much great help from the staff and from the other hard working athletes I feel its a great place to start for a beginner to the seasoned athlete who just wants to take their sport they do to the next level  

    Kyle Coleman -

        Great gym, great equipment, and world class owners. Everybody is helpful and motivated in this gym. Can't and will not find a better none private gym in the area.  

    Adam Loyd -

        Great gym...great atmosphere, selection of equipment, music, and people who are both knowledgeable and supportive.  

    David C Bateman -

        This place is awesome. MariLiis Bateman and I went there and met with the oweners Today. Clean image great place no meathead mentality. Classy indeed but really needed in Cleveland at this level. Proud of the networking today...  

    Josh Rodda -

        The most fun I have had in the gym! It's a REAL gym with a bunch of great guys who are just trying to get stronger or build their physique. It was a joy to experience a new bench press PR there today!!  

    Gregory Heath Cooley -

        Trainers are great and atmosphere will get you hyped up. Everyone there just wants to improve and help each other reach their goals.  

    Michael Anthony Payne -

        Great atmosphere love it  

    James Snyder -

        Great people! Great atmosphere! Friendly and helpful.  

    Caleb Cain -

        Love the training environment, nice equipment and the owners are genuinely awesome people!!  

    Steven Nunnery -

        Awesome gym. GREAT people. Will definitely be back.  

    Kenna Smoak -

        Thank you for the great posing class yesterday!!!! I enjoyed meeting everyone  

    Alicia Adams -

        The Grit House is my home away from home. Love it!  

    Justin Jones -

        Friendly staff and members! No corporate bull!  

    Bobby Delay -

        Great gym, nice ppl. Will definitely go back  

    Brandie Nicole Grimm -

        So far everyone has been willing to help when you have a question. A group over very nice peope  

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